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use the arrow keys to create robots (up and down to select head, right and left to select movement.) Press space to create robot.

This is a simple RTS where the goal is to collect 30000 energy.

There are waves of Aliens coming to destroy you, and it is your job to fend them off with your robots long enough to collect 30000 energy and escape the planet.

Each of your robots is made up of a legs and a head, each made of one of four resources, gold, iron, diamond, and nova.

Your robots will control themselves, and will behave differently depending on how you build them. The resource you use to build the legs will control how the robot moves, and the resource used to build the head will control what it can do.

Legs: Gold legs will move about the map randomly, Iron legs will seek out enemies, Diamond legs will move about randomly but stay near the base, and Nova legs will follow other units.

Heads: Gold heads will collect resources that they touch. Iron heads will better destroy aliens they run into. Diamond heads will generate energy. Nova Heads will occasionally drop resources.

Beginner tip: using the same resource for both parts of a robot is usually a pretty useful plan (though not always the best one)


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